Monday, 26 March 2012

WFRP Blogging A to Z 2012 Tag Team

April is around the corner! 

I'm going to do the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge again this year and have enlisted the help of two other WFRP bloggers, JohnPaul Temple and Ben Scerri of Our Thousand Thrones and versamus; we roll, respectively. This takes the WFRP A-to-Z international, down under and back to its roots our own "old world." 

The team is currently splitting up the entries by date (recall I'll be on vacation). Each blog will have an entry on that date, either as a link back to the entry host for that day, or the entry itself. A web of blogs if you will.

I'm excited about the writers and the new perspectives of WFRP they bring.

Get ready for another great month of digging deeper into the lore of WFRP!
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