Monday, 19 March 2012

I commissioned Tim Kings-Lynne

I recently commissioned Tim Kings-Lynne to complete a character rendering of Du'can Mederot, my 2nd Level Pathfinder Ranger (currently in deep freeze as the game has long been on ice). The result of his fantastic work is below. The rendering captures a moment from Du'can's adventures in an opening adventure (of which I forget the purpose) where, drawing his swords, charges a sorceress that has cast enlarge upon herself. He dives between her legs cutting both thighs (in game it was a critical hit for one sword and the other just hit). It was heavy damage as I recall, putting the sorceress on the defensive.

Tim is an artist and film maker in Australia. He is a WFRP player and game master blogging at Two Dee Ten and chronicling some games played with his wife. He illustrated both of her characters at Two Dee Ten. Tim captured WFRP perfectly in those illustrations.

My request for a Pathfinder rendering was a challenge. Not in the sense of difficult, but Tim admitted that Pathfinder was a game genre that he was not familiar with... a WFRP player at heart and execution. Yet, Tim rose to the challenge and with great results! 

BAM! pitch perfect, right down to the Erastil detail of the waist banner.

Back in the days of 1st edition AD&D, rangers were my go-to class. The mix of fighter-magic-user--whether well executed or not in 1e AD&D is not under discussion--appealed to me. When my friends got together for a Pathfinder game about 18 months ago (one of my WFRP players was running the game) I turned to the iconic Ranger.

Du'can's character story was developed using Paul Jaquays' Central Casting: Heroes of Legend. Again, taking it back to the old school.

This rendering of Du'can wants me to play some Pathfinder again. Moreso, I hope this rendering makes you want to contact Tim over at Two Dee Ten to render your WFRP, or other fantasy RPG character, or commission Tim for your publication!

Thank you, Tim. I really enjoy this piece!

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Comment: Tim at Tue, 20 Mar 8:03 AM

Hey there! Thanks for such a great post and kind feedback - I'm glad you enjoy the result. Im still trying to find a PF group to break into, but really wanna give it a good go. In the meantime, I should get back to finishing some of my WFRP content :D

Game on!

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