Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reviewing 2011, thinking about 2012 A to Z

I'm pretty excited about Blogging A to Z 2012, that observation may be obvious, if not only for the fact it remains 2½ months away. It would not a stretch to guess that participation is rewarding in many ways, especially just by "digging deeper" into the fiction, the world, and the game... of course by "the game" I mean as what many probably know as WFRP 2e.

A couple of readers have expressed interest in helping out and I couldn't be more excited, especially given my planned absence mid-April.

Below is a summary of my 2011 entries. Let me know your favorites on the original entry or below. Maybe tell me what you would like to see. How many want to know about Skaven (or maybe another 'S' topic found only by "digging deeper."?

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Monday, 9 January 2012

Blogging A to Z 2012

I'm starting to think early this year.

Reviewing my entries from last year and thinking about what I missed, what I could expand on, what positions might have tempered or moderated since last April.

In April, I'll be on vacation... in Europe for a whole week! Italy to be specific. So I have to think about that gap and plan ahead!

I like Italy enough, but if I had more votes, Germany or the Netherlands or Scandinavia or the Normandy Coast of France or Scotland would have been at the top of a list. As a WWII history buff the Italian campaigns are moderately interesting to me. I'm not Catholic, so there are no "roots" to call me to Italy. Mob fiction, eh. Early Roman Empire, pre-Constantine, that's engaging. Italian wines, no so much (the "big reds" are not big enough for my palette). Italian food, though, yum.

Anyway... maybe there is an interested reader or two that would like to collaborate with me in Blogging A to Z WFRP in 2012. I would like to spice it up this year with a podcast too.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012. Finally, the Year of Shadowrun.

Just kidding!

Shadowrun was a game close to my gaming roots back in the day. I've spoken before of selling a lot of gaming material that lied collecting dust in the attic after getting married. My Shadowrun collection made me quite of bit of money in 2001.

No regrets, really. The game was, by 2001, on its third edition and most of my collection was easily first, maybe some second, edition titles...I think (looking up the property on Wikipedia is not helping me).

However, Shadowrun made me aware of the Mayan calendar and it's "Sixth World" long before pop culture caught on and Hollywood started making bad movies. Shadowrun seems to be a property too that got it's timeline about right. It was a feature of the setting that I enjoyed a lot: as titles were published, so advanced the calendar from 2050 (the setting year). The setting has advanced this calendar a few times as I understand it, but it provided something of a hook in 1987, when 2012 seemed so far away.

Happy New Year... here's to hoping we get to 2013! ~o)
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