Saturday, 30 April 2011

Z is for Zhufbar

Zhufbar, World's Edge Mountains.

Zhufbar is famous for its namesake ale and its legendary mining operations. Maybe only more famous for state of seige those that inhabit Zhufbar live in.

Beset above ground by Orc and goblins, below ground is seething with Skaven. Yet the hold of Zhufbar, once a rival in population to Karaz-a-Karak itself, continues mining operations in the secluded mountain canyons behind the gates of a massive stronghold.

Zhufbar's mining operations are powered by a towering waterfall at one end of the canyon. During the day the thunderous roar of water and hydaulic powered hammers crush ore. At night the canyon is glows red from the furnaces being fed the days ore production. The technology alone makes Zhufbar something of a dwarven industrial center with secrets closely guarded by the ruling, and royal, family.

Below, shrines are built in the ancestor gods in the caverns. Constant patrols check deep mines and tunnels, long sealed, that led to the fallen hold of Karak Varn. While it is often said that the Skaven have expanded their UnderEmpire into the ancestral holds of the World's Edge Mountains, the mines of Zhufbar are too rich to leave. Great clashes with Skaven are often reported and the dwarfs are known to seek "mercenary" help from the Empire.

Zhufbar awaits!
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