Friday, 29 April 2011

Y is for Ymir

The Ymir are unknown to the Empire and few scholars south of Kislev have heard of them, save the rare mention of them in diaries of sailors that have traveled the icy coasts of Norsca.

A seven-foot tall, 300 pound, beast--nay beastman--is known to be a man eater. It's physical appearance seems well adapted to the snow covered climate in the north. The Ymir's thick, ice matted, white fur makes it nearly invisible in snow. Survivors of encounters often tell of a stench of rotting meat surrounding the beast and leading its attack. The fur is said to be covered in large patches of frozen blood and soiled yellow.

Never seen in groups it is said the Ymir is a solitary creature that exclusively hunts man, attacking villages under the cover of snow storms. Women, children and the elderly are frequently victims.

The Ymir are introduced in the Tome of Corruption in the chapter on Norsca. Finding the Ymir has reintroduced me to parts of WFRP 2e that I might otherwise have skipped. Norsca and the Norsemen are nicely detailed in the ToC, including a well crafted WFRP imagining of historical Norsemen and Norse legends. The chapter introduces 10 new careers and provides great information on campaigning in Norsca. Eliminating the threat of a Ymir is one seed for your players that happen to be in Norsca (for whatever that reason might be; hopefully not on the last leg of a journey into the Chaos Wastes).
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