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X is for the Cult of the Xihuitl Knocker

After some sweating the last 48 hours on the letter 'X' for my WFRP 2e Blogging A to Z entry, I turned on the air conditioning, grabbed a coffee and decided to "wing it."

The Cult of the Xihuitl Knocker is a small group of merchants in Marienburg that have been committing murder in sacrifice to Xihuitl, a daemon bound to two small gemstones that originated in Lustria.

Roleplaying games, or RPGs, offer a rich medium for creativity, player and gamemaster/referee alike. WFRP's gritty, grim and perilous story might be just one of the richest settings to foster creativity. In part because there are references to lands rumored and lands known that have no setting material, or little setting material, to work with. Nippon, Araby, Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, &c.

It can be rightfully argued that WFB resources are fair fodder for your WFRP game. Hear! Hear! I have employed the Wood Elves and High Elves source books in rounding out the behaviors of the Elves of Athel Loren in Bretonnia or the High Elves of Ulthuan.

And yet, the stewards of WFB are well known for retiring the "armies" (and source books) for some of the aforementioned "sandboxes" for researching WFRP. Lustria, a corollary to our own South America. is such an example.

Lustria is rumored, some say known!, to be a jungled continent on the other side of the Great Ocean. Rich with gold and peopled by race of advanced, if savage, Lizardmen and their enthralled natives. It is far enough away that civilized adventurers speak of it in fear or tell stories of its riches. But it is far away and many do not return from setting out for it.

Yet Lustria is not so far away, especially for those that have returned shy a thread of sanity, that the temptation of riches and/or power can influence the worship of the Ruinous Powers and lead the unsuspecting to corruption and damnation.

The Cult of the Xihuitl Knocker is one such stop on the path to damnation. Xihuiltl is bloodthirsty daemon worshiped in the jungles of Lustria. The lizard priests of Lustria's tribes bound a murderous aspect of the daemon to a set of five blood red rubys. Unfortunately, two of the rubys found their way to the Suiddock of Marienburg and then a pawn broker. The merchant that came into the possession of the gems quickly succumbed to the temptation of Xihuitl to bind his presence across the Great Ocean with blood. The merchant saw power in eliminating his competitors and quickly found the shortcut. Murder.

The Cult's name comes from the merchant's first "announcement" to his victim, nay victims. The merchant heard the beat of drums in his mind's eye: the sound of the Lizardmen's ritual drums that bound Xihuitl to the gems. He pounds on the walls, doors and windows in the maddening rhythm. Those that have last seen the victims have told the Black Caps, the Marienburg watch, of the pounding sound.

The Cult kills their victims at an altar with the two gems placed in the sockets of the denuded skull of the first victim. The altar's location is known only to the original merchant.

Xihulitl would only be stronger if he could unite all five gems in one location. Fortunately, Xihuitl could never unbind himself, for the binding ritual is unknown in the Old World. For now.
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