Thursday, 21 April 2011

R is for Reikland

The Grand Principality of Reikland.

The seat of Imperial power in the Empire since the end of Dieter IV over a century ago, Reikland is a province blessed by the gods; from fertile lands between abundant, and largely safe, forests to rich mines in the Grey Mountains.

As the home province for most emperors in recent memory it enjoys a significant amount of Imperial munificence. This generosity has made Reikland the envy of many Elector Counts.

Reikland's network of rivers is both boon and curse. Dominated by the River Reik, Reikland plies trade across the breadth of the Empire, from Marienburg in the west to Nuln in the east. All of it passing through the capital of Altdorf, often on the way north to Talabheim. The mercantile classes enriched on trade often boost grand walled estates to rival the Emperor's palace in every city.

Trade and diplomacy is balancing act with the Dwarfs of the Grey Mountains. The dwarfs control massive dams that can choke the major tributaries of the Reik, limiting travel and farm irrigation. The dwarfs have demonstrated a willingness to use them in mining negotiations on stone, gem and ore rights.

Reikland is often the starting point for many a campaign in WFRP, Altdorf being home to the Colleges of Magic, the Grand Temple to Sigmar, and the aforementioned center of trade. As noted in the past, Magnus Seter's nom de plume Adolphus Altdorfer's Altdorf Correspondent is a great resource for campaigns in Altdorf.

Officially, Sigmar's Heirs sets the tone of the principality. Nearly all the WFRP source material visits the Reikland in theme, tone and "fluff."
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