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10 more...

Wow! I think I'm going to do make it to the end of Blogging A to Z!

I've outlined all the remaining entries, some well known, some obscure (the more obscure promise to be my impressions and not research from sourcebooks).

Any requests? U, V, W, X, Y, Z are so thinly outlined I could be pushed in another direction!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the posts! Thanks for the great comments too. The project has really renewed my love (?) affair with the world of WFRP, especially 2e.
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Q is for Quenelles

There is no greater land in Bretonnia full of mystery, if for only Athel Loren's prominence and foreboding border road or the Grave of Cuileux and western portion of the Forest of Chalons.

Quenelles lies on the south western edge of the nation of Bretonnia. It is the largest dukedom of Bretonnia, bordering many dukedoms. In the east, it is dominated by the Massif Orcal mountain range. The Massif is low range of eroded crags full of greenskin dominated caves. Orcs and goblins often raid nearby settlements from the mountains. Possibly encouraging the raids is the Duke's aggressive settlement efforts of the Massif. Many of these settlements are destroyed by Orc raiders, but those that survive are fortresses and outposts for adventurers in the Massif, or bases for brutal counter raids by the Duke's forces.

These raids and the history of Quenelles (and Bretonnia) may be the source of the aggressive nature of its people. This aggressiveness maybe superstitiously imputed to a curse placed on the land by the Cuileuxians, a people that settled the area before the founding of Bretonnia. The Knights of Cuileux were wiped out by a war band of greenskins and a large portion of Quenelles in the south is known as the Grave of Cuileux. No Quenelle Duke farms this area, and those that have tried are storied to have been killed by the ghosts of the knights. Giving credence to these stories are the discovery of human and goblinoid bones in nearby fields being turned for harvest.

The Cuileuxians buried their dead in the Barrows of Cuileux which lies scattered in the north east of Quenelles, part in the Forest of Chalon and part in the foothills of the Massif Orcal. The barrows are said to house ancient treasures and equally ancient guardians, monstrous or undead (or both). 

Duke Tancred II is growing old and Quenelles faces a succession problem. The Duke is a hero and his sons are both hero and drunk, fortunately (or unfortunately for the Duke) all are dead or presumed dead. His first and second son died in battle against enemies of Bretonnia, the third died a drunk. His youngest son is ten years into a Grail Quest and thought dead. Grail Quests are known to be long, though ten years is longer than many. There is much court intrigue and a number of interested nobles in who will succeed Duke Tancred II. 

The Knights of the Grail is by far the best resource on Quenelles detailing much more including the Castle Quenelles and the wide road bordering Athel Loren, home of the Fay. It is not uncommon to see the Fay (or Wood Elves as they are commonly known in the Empire) visiting Quenelles.
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