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N is for Nuln

Nuln is the second largest city of the Empire, second to Altdorf, and the former seat of power. The gazetteer of Nuln in 2522 IC places its population at 85,000.

As of 2522 IC, the Freistadt (city-state) of Nuln is ruled by the Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, Countess of Nuln, Grand Countess of Wissenland, and Duchess of Meissen.

Nuln is situated at the confluence of the River Aver and Upper Reik where they become the might River Reik on the borders of Stirland to the north, Averland on the east, and the Reikland on the west. A number of villages in the city-state offer ferry service to Nuln.

Nuln is the host city of the University of Nuln and the Imperial School of Gunnery. The university traces its foundation to the beginnings of the Empire, and the institution is host to students from around the known world, and some parts not so well known. Its tuition is afforded by only the wealthiest families.

Another significant landmark in Nuln is the Friendly Hearth, a notable halfling inn considered the "first stop on the way to the Moot."

Nuln is said to be the Empire's "crown that glitters a thousand jewels." The citizens promote the arts heavily in all things especially fashion, contrasting the city against the villages and towns of Wissenland proper. The Elector Countess von Liebwitz views Wissenland as quite dreary and rumors in the upper classes of Nuln suggest that the Elector seeks to make Nuln a separate, but equal state in the Empire. The Countess is far more diplomatic than the seccessionists of Marienburg, seeking to retain both Nuln and Wissenland's Electoral seats. There a few powerful families interested these maneuvers.

The greatest amount of attention paid to Nuln of WFRP 2e is in Sigmar's Heirs and Forges of Nuln (Volume III in the Paths of the Damned campaign), with Forges' "Guide to Nuln" providing a complete history and Who's Who catalog. I recall some details on the Imperial School of Gunnery being available, but not the source. The original, and oft acclaimed WFRP campaign, The Enemy Within, opens in Nuln, and John Blanche's cover is iconic of the gothic city.

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