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J is for Jade College of Magic

You might recall from H is for Hedgefolk I have a soft spot for the naturalists--maybe it's the deer hunt or fishing trip and the call of the outdoors that feeds this interest, it's not my love of red meat, caffeine, gluten and dislike of "raw" food--especially in trends--for certain.

Magic in WFRP 2e is formed around the eight winds, or colors, of magic: White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Red, Grey, and Purple. The officially recognized colleges of magic each focus on a wind. The Jade Order is Green, or as it is known in runic form, Ghyran. The Jade Order lore is associated with Life. The winds in harmony is the basis of Elven High Magic, the winds in discordance is Chaos.

Whereas 2e dropped Druids and the Old Faith from the game, the Jade College is more commonly observed by the citizens of the Empire as a new order of Druids. When the colleges were formed over two centuries ago, the Jade Order was also described as "soil magic." In fact, many of the spells found in study of the "Lore of Life" might have roots in the Old World legends of Earth and Water Elementalists.

Jade wizards are rarely found at the college proper in Altdorf, instead often they are tasked with assuring the land is fertile and cleansed when fouled by Chaos encroachment. They can also be found tending to leylines and henges throughout the Empire, focusing the flow of Ghyran in nature.

I created such a henge in my campaign called Taal's Teeth. The name was apropos, but of interest to the players was how green lightening could often been seen in the vicinity of the henge. Yet, if only in name, was more often associated with the priests of Taal.

The Colleges of Magic present a great campaign framework, individually or as a larger campaign in and around Altdorf proper. With the popularity of "magic school" fiction, the colleges are ripe fodder. And generally the Jade College is the most "progressive" of the colleges of magic, with more women practitioners than the other orders. 

The colleges are exquisitely detailed in the Realms of Sorcery and visited again in Spires of Altdorf, part two of the Paths of the Damned campaign. The original Druidic practices and Old Faith from 1e can be found in Mad Alfred's resources, reintroduced for 2e. Elementalism is also examined in the Mad Alfred's library.

Now, go forth and study the Ghyran!
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The boon of research for A to Z

I'm tempted to retcon some topics in the Blogging A to Z challenge, but instead will let them stand as written and invite comments and thought.

It's exciting to be (re)visiting some of the established and well known sites, especially the work of Mad Alfred (Alfred Nunez, Jr.) at Mad Alfred's WFRP Page. The work he is currently hosting on Druids and Elementalism in the WFRP 2e setting is great!

I have located the PDFs of Druids and Elementalism on Strike-to-Stun and linked them for your convenience. I would recommened checking out the Word documents at Mad Alfred's for any new edits or corrections
Magnus Seter's Adolphus Altdorfer's The Aldorf Correspondent Gazetteer is probably the richest resource of Altdorf's canon and non-canon locales and alleys.

Go and check these websites out for what might just be the lost gem missing in your campaign or character career path. 
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