Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blogging A to Z all caught up

I'm caught up on the challenge! I even have 'E' in queue. If you were watching you might have seen it posted. I pulled 'E' once I counted the days and realized, minus Sunday, this is Day 4 (or 'D').

Now... thinking about 'F'.
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D is for Dooming

Where to begin!? I love the Dooming! It is a simple character trait that has no real or direct mechanical value, but is all about character role play.

If you're reading this as part of the Blogging A to Z challenge, but don't play role playing games (RPGs), e.g., Dungeons and Dragons (still the title that most can find context and relate), then know that Dooming is a game element for WFRP 2e. It is a character trait randomly determined at character creation.

It is mentioned only in passing of the core rulebook:
Should a person survive to their tenth birthday, it is considered traditional to offer a sacrifice to Morr. Meat, blood and sometimes milk are thrown upon a sacred brazier, whilst special candles are burnt. The dense black smoke from these candles supposedly hides the child from Morr's sight, whilst the meat and blood reputedly takes the child's place in Morr's realm, serving the Death God until the child's true timecomes. On this day, most folk receive a foretelling of what it is that will end their life--their "dooming."
Players and gamemasters will often seek out more detail about this "rite of passage." The first official sources to pay it any detail is the Character Folio, the Character Pack, and the Tome of Salvation. It receives a great deal of attention in the Expanded Characters Module edited Dave Graffam (available now at Winds of Chaos).

Doomings are random, often humorous, often Catch-22's, or an equal mix of unrelated events (doubling down on the humor aspect). Take this sample from the Expanded Characters Module:
  1. Cheese, yea, or other product of the dairy, shall be thy undoing
  2. The death is wrought by chamber-pot, or midden
  3. One day you'll sleep with the fish
  4. Watch thy step! Aye, and where thou sittest down too
A player of RPGs will see the immediate value add to both character and game play. Imagine a character that was "doomed" as described above for dairy being offered wine and cheese at an important negotiation with nobles of Bretonnia. Or the character that becomes the reluctant insomniac aboard the river barge, seemingly more crazed each sleepless night and burning red-eyes to all that observe him, only because he does not want to "sleep with the fish."

So many reasons to love Dooming. Tease your players in every session with something so personal as his character's Dooming!
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Blogging A to Z to catch up today

I ran into some technical errors with my blogging platform last night. I only resolved some this morning by editing the database. More work to be done.

I will catch up today, blogging through E. On deck are:

  • B is for Bretonnia
  • C is for Corruption

D, E and F are being considered.

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