Saturday, 26 June 2010

Played some Pathfinder today

I was able to make it to Paizo Day at my FLGS to play some Pathfinder. And being on the other side of the screen felt good; its been a while.

The GM, Doug P., is a player in my WFRP campaign, so I was sympathetic to his struggle to wrangle the group. Of the five players, three others including myself never played Pathfinder before, and I believe the last time any of the four of us played any variation of "D20" was 1st edition AD&D. Of the other two players, one was a Pathfinder GM and the other was more recently familiar with 3/3.5 D&D.

Doug P. displayed some incredible patience with the sometimes unruly group, cracking jokes, puns and generally seeking mayhem in the scenario. I played a 1st level mage (I forget all the details of the character except that I recognized the character as one of the Pathfinder iconics, Ezren). Like a good mage I held to the back of the party, allowing the "meat," the iconic Valeros and a Paladin, charge or otherwise take point. I did get to use my cane several times as a boomerang to great effectiveness.

It was fun, high fantasy. Yet, I'm not buying yet. Still love my WFRP too much. 

I did meet some good players and may try to form a new WFRP group that can meet more often at the FLGS. Doug P. is currently hosting a pretty regular Pathfinder game with his son and 4 other players. His time to play in our WFRP campaign suddenly got really limited. I don't fault him in the least and give him many kudos for fostering younger players in the hobby. ~o)
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