Monday, 31 May 2010

Memories of gaming: TMNT&OS

I really like the new TMNT movie. I wrote about the release of this movie... damn, three years ago! My review stands and I might even raise it a star, giving it 4.

More recently though this blog has been about RPGs, so I wanted to talk a bit about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness by Palladium. 

As RPG systems go, Palladium's Megaversal System has a rap: it's broken or it has too much crunch, etc. But I really liked the TMNT&OS, and many of my friends did too. We played a lot of TMNT&OS (and Twilight: 2000 or WFRP) in those heady days above Dragonware Hobbies in Conyers, GA, or in our living rooms.

My TMNT&OS campaign was a good one. I remember the randomly assembled mutant "anti-heros" called themselves the "Peacemakers" (before the ideas of a "group template" received mainstream appeal). The problem was the team tended leave anything but peace in their wake. I played in a couple of games where the GM was rotated in the same campaign world (and lost a character to a merciless headshot after being overcome by an NPC and used a bargaining chip for escape with the NPC's gun against his temple; the Peacemakers were not ones that played nice with heavy-handed tactics of this kind, and my character was dead1).

I have great memories of TMNT&OS as a game. The game system though was one that honestly did sour my feelings for most other Palladium games. I never picked up Rifts, by far the most well-known title in the Palladium library, but I did own Recon, not sure if I owned the RPG, Inc. release or the Palladium release (the dates are pretty telling that I owned the Palladium release though).

Good times... ~o)

  1. [1] As a GM I think that headshots like the one described are instantly lethal. No save. No hit points. No "to-hit" roll. Bam. You're dead. How do you play it? I do concede if the system provides a "save mechanic" e.g., WFRP Fate Points, then maybe a survival is possible. TMNT&OS did not provide this mechanic, as I recall, and I accepted the ruling of the GM.

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