Saturday, 22 May 2010

Good Morning

Well, would you look at this... I'm posting something.

Been quite the busy little father, husband, gamemaster, and nerd. Father and Husband are demanding enough (job, daughter, wife). All rewarding in their own ways.

As a nerd and gamemaster, a couple of things have been put on the front burners that have resulted in my neglecting ACD (in the foreground at least). As a nerd I'm leading a revival of the blojsom ($blojsom$) Java blogging platform. So while I might not be blogging, I'm still blogging, but mostly coding and being a sysadmin.

As a gamemaster, WFRP still gets played. We're averaging once a month right now. That's good considering all the distractions in the way. If you ever want to know what's going on that front, jump over to the wiki.

Oh, the "funding manager" (read wife) won't release funding for a new MacBook Pro until I get a couple of professional I'm studying a lot too. That reminds me about a story involving "carrots and sticks"...nevermind, you probably already heard it. ~o)

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