Sunday, 17 January 2010

Baseball, Politics, and Wargames

I'm an Atlanta Braves fan. I'm not a fanatic, but I own my own official Away play Braves New Era cap (I don't live in Georgia today). I follow the Braves during the season, but do not count the days to spring training, as a fanatic might.

If you read my bio, you'll find that I'm a capitalist, right leaning, and unaffiliated voter.

And I'm a nerd. I like wargames in the old school vain: hex maps and chits. As such I follow the niche market this is wargaming, and having recently received Multiman Publishing's PanzerBlitz: Hill of Death, I follow the publisher pretty closely.

Through this "deep linking" I know that a central partner/owner of Multiman Publishing is, the Boston Red Sox's own, Curt Schilling.

I got the biggest chuckle this morning reading the NYT (yes, I read the NYT, and subscribe to WSJ) capturing the gaffe of MA Senatorial hopeful Martha Coakley suggesting Curt Schilling was a Yankee fan, Coakley on Schilling: A Yankee Fan?

Coakley made the suggestion as Schilling is "shilling" for her political opponent. Curt Schilling is, in bean town, nothing less than a Boston Red Sox fan's hero. Trust me when I say, Curt Schilling is not a Yankee's fan. Gaffes of this caliber sink candidacies.
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