Saturday, 9 January 2010

Book Plate

As I cleaned my office up today at home, I was flipping open my WFRP books. As I checked their bindings, maybe getting a little distracted (maybe a lot distracted) I noticed that I had "branded" some and not others with a "notice" of ownership.

Then it occurred to me: a nice book plate, Ex Libris-style, would be more apropos. Woodcuts came to mind. 20s and 30s art deco crossed my minds-eye too. I settled on something that tries to capture some of that... an art deco meets woodcut via Photoshop.

The font is of course the very same used for WFRP titles. The image a better than working attempt at creating a woodcut from a photo (credit to Bloodthirsty Vegetarians on Flickr).

ex libris et die
Feel free to use it or hack it to make it better. Prints 2x6 at 300 dpi.
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