Friday, 8 January 2010

Couple of new WFRP purchases

In the last two weeks I've decided to round out my WFRP library with some items from my FLGS, Days of Knights.

Karak Azgal and Barony of the Damned, both add to a near complete 2nd Edition WFRP library. This is something I did not do with 1st Edition when I first became the fan I am today, c. 1986.

My most disappointing miss was not getting the hard cover release of Tome of Corruption. I was ecstatic at the PDF release though. I think the ToC, in hindsight is a must have sourcebook for really providing depth in your campaigns, especially since certain dark and chaotic races never got complete treatment while Black Industries was publishing 2nd Edition. The brief Druchii section is enough for seeding your own imagination (without buying the WFB Army Book, oft recommended by some). With seeds, GMs can turn to forums like Strike To Stun for more ideas and help; eventually becoming one that can assist new GMs over the wall.

While the two books I just picked up are really adventures, they are couched well in source material to seed new adventures in the WFRP canon of 2nd edition. 

A canon I intend on expanding without FFG by my side.
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