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A year of caffeine, 2009 in summary.

I have several analytic tools running on ACD.

Google Analytics and a very robust log parser on the server side.

At the end of 2009, my log analytics reported 13,554 unique visitors. Now, this really is nothing more than 13,554 unique IPs that do not necessary mean that 13,554 unique people visited ACD, but it's not bad. In 2008, it was 10,712. That's a 28% increase.

Yet, the topics of interest that lead people to ACD changed between 2008 and 2009. In 2008, I was doing more sysadmin blogging and a lot of hits came to topics that provided some help to others trying to compile binaries on Linux.

In 2009, WFRP got the attention. My Inns of the Empire tool got a lot of hits, and I started seeing a lot of activity on my WFRP campaign wiki.

Google Analytics provides some more insight, and some sobering insight, like bounce rates. "Bouncing" shows hits that arrived and found nothing of interest and move on, immediately. It's soul crushing data.

Where people come to ACD is exciting. Britain and much of continental Europe find the website according to Google. The Map Overlay tools are always fun to use and drill down to localities.

I also started using some of the linking data in my signatures in 2009, and those linking to the Inns of the Empire tool where given special links for tracking.

For the 6 months of 2009 that used this linking (where I even went out of the way to ask that those linking to ACD update their links, which they did! Thank you Chuck and KVH), Winds of Chaos, a premier WFRP resource blog, lead the way. Kalevala Hammer followed a close second. My forum sigs also got some click throughs.

Google Analytics also told a different story about the visitor patterns, significantly changing the values of the log parser, by 10K or more. "Absolute Unique Visitors" were only 2,050! Not as exciting. Log parsers are notoriously dangerous engines to quote numbers from, so I'm inclined to look at Google's numbers with more weight. Google does validate the traffic patterns that my log parser reports, WFRP searches were big in 2009.

All said, 2009 was a good year. I really do want to make 2010 a much more exciting WFRP and ACD year!
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Couple of new WFRP purchases

In the last two weeks I've decided to round out my WFRP library with some items from my FLGS, Days of Knights.

Karak Azgal and Barony of the Damned, both add to a near complete 2nd Edition WFRP library. This is something I did not do with 1st Edition when I first became the fan I am today, c. 1986.

My most disappointing miss was not getting the hard cover release of Tome of Corruption. I was ecstatic at the PDF release though. I think the ToC, in hindsight is a must have sourcebook for really providing depth in your campaigns, especially since certain dark and chaotic races never got complete treatment while Black Industries was publishing 2nd Edition. The brief Druchii section is enough for seeding your own imagination (without buying the WFB Army Book, oft recommended by some). With seeds, GMs can turn to forums like Strike To Stun for more ideas and help; eventually becoming one that can assist new GMs over the wall.

While the two books I just picked up are really adventures, they are couched well in source material to seed new adventures in the WFRP canon of 2nd edition. 

A canon I intend on expanding without FFG by my side.
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