Sunday, 22 November 2009

Google Wave, Gaming

The Google Wave invites are gone.

Gaming seems to have been hamstringed by life. Ugh.

Life does that a lot I think. I have not lost interest. I have become something of a pest with my core group, but will lighten up some I think. They can approach me too. The wiki helps a lot in picking up where the group left off as well.

One thing I'm considering is going digital. The "elf" suggested it, though for something else he was planning on executing. Unfortunately, there are two things he knows about me as a gamer, what I would play or what I would run:

  1. I would play WFRP 2nd Ed. or Twilight: 2000 1st Ed
  2. I would run WFRP 2nd Ed. or Twilight: 2000 1st Ed

Yeah, not much variety there. But the reality is this is an important hobby to me. Knowing and owning a cornucopia of systems is a luxury few afford after college. Less so when there are commitments to family. I'm vested in both systems and understand them deeply.

I think I'm going to be soliciting players for a Skype WFRP game soon. Really. The rough outline will be: 1 to 2 sessions a month, 9PM til. Sessions longer on weekend, shorter on weekday. Short sessions might lead to more sessions per month. Podcast? Maybe. Recaps more likely. MapTool a must.

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