Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bound for Travellercon-USA, not.

I was going to go to Travellercon-USA today. I should have checked the website before driving the 40 minutes to Lancaster, PA.

The con was cancelled apparently after the venue, closed for nearly two months, could not get up to fire safety codes. I did look at the website in the last week and did not see any news about the cancellation. I even considered buying advance tickets.

Well, I'm looking at going to Stoudt's Brewery now and picking up some Pumpkin Ales.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

The Eye of the Old One's

Our campaign that has somewhat, unfortunately, gone on an extended hiatus. I've been using the time to think about the current position the PCs are in and the grander plot that the PCs are seeking clues about: dreams of world apocolypse.

Enter the Eye of the Old Ones.

What exactly is it? I know at least what it could be. Whether my protagonist's know, or it is just a myth made up by some sap that stumbled on mysterious writings is another.

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