Saturday, 12 September 2009

The War Lost, A New Age of Enjoyment

In the last several weeks, I have grown tired of my furor over the WFRP 3e. FFG has "owned" the game. I've even got the "I told you so..."

You know what, it is quite possible FFG had to do it. Albeit licensing, Green Ronin IP, or any from a host of reasons. You can pick any, mix, and theorize a conspiracy. I did. But, I'm now out of new ones. So, enjoy yours if you have one.

Oh, I'm not out of WFRP. I'm out of the market for anything not 2d edition. Hey, 3d is what FFG does best: cleaver imagining of a boardgame. But, I believe this will have no appeal to the greater fanbase. Nothing FFG or Jay Little has produced in introductions or presentation appeals to me. Oh, bitterness remains to a great extent and I do think that the new 3d edition will fail in the market. To that failure, I unashamedly raise a mug. It was the wrong direction to take the WFRP.

I'm out of steam in my nerd-rage. Ok. But I want ACD to remain a key site for WFRP session recaps, a robust campaign wiki, and place where WFRP 2d and 1st edition grognards can comment on the game that has, for 20 years, captured imaginations.

To that end, I'm starting a series of posts, A–Z if you will, of career complete NPCs, or advanced and basic PCs.

Watch for the first series all next week: Abbot, Admiral, Agent of the Shroud, Agitator, Ambassador, Anchorite, Animal Trainer. More than just a recounting of the Career Compendium, yet inspired by and beyond the tome; whether history, canon, fiction, or seeds, the NPCs will have career paths taken, a brief background narrative, and all trappings, skills, talents and advances noted.

WFRP is dead. Long live WFRP.

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