Saturday, 21 February 2009

PostgreSQL upgrade complete

I just finished my psql upgrade. It went flawlessly for a DBA hack.

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This world primer!

Check out this primer for a campaign by Herb at Places to Go, People to Be.

This is awesome. Yeah, all about OD&D, but I love the feeling this conveys to the players. I'm an adherent to the theories of Old School, and a reason I like WFRP so much (it lends itself so well to the style of play I enjoyed so much growing up).

I'm going to craft such a list for my campaign and players. The best item:

The two player rule: If at least two people show we'll play...and come up with reason why you weren't there.

This reason alone gets in our group's way far to often.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Upgrade coming soon...

ACD will be coming down shortly. I'm planning a blojsom upgrade to the data driven platform of blojsom 3.2.

The only thing holding me back is (a) the theme, which could use a refresh anyway, something more with more game and (b) impact to other blogs hosted.

Running in parallel is possible... but could be resource intensive. I'll be planning something shortly. Some of you might have caught wind of the upgrade with the flurry of development I've been doing to enhance some of the features of blojsom 3.2 (like twitter updates) and with the widget tool... more ideas are brewing.

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

A grand campaign is about to start...

I'm about to have my players venture across the breadth of Bretonnia on a grand campaign of heroism to "save the world" as they know it. And even as planning this campaign has been fun, executing it will be challenging.

And while a couple of attempts at organizing "evil overlords" (PDF, also read World Powers and Big-Picture Plotlines and The Care and Feeding of Evil Overlords), have failed (wholly because of natural forces pushing against regular play), there have been really good ideas from those that have participated in the experiment. And to them, I thank and salute. And add, watch the wiki for your ideas and NPCs to enter play and influence actions for and against the PCs. Though I will not resurrect the players, only to string them along. And for that, I apologize to them.

I'm really looking forward to starting the campaign. My player's characters may well retire in glory, or die trying.

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