Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mass Combat, part 2 of ...

As I think about tailoring the rules for mass combat from the Companion set of D&D for WFRP, I have been looking for work by others that have faced this in similar actions by PCs.

What I like about the D&D Companion rules is the relative simplicity that the rules can be adjusted for WFRP with without the GM having to turn to Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) rule adaptations. No question that WFB is an easy “way out,” considering the lineage and obvious tie-ins. The problem is that it becomes to expensive for most when interest in the game may only focus on the roleplaying aspects of Warhammer. War and siege might be a background event to a game or campaign, but occasionally the players are directly involved.

When that happens, I, and my players, can't invest in the armies and/or take a detour from the campaign. There need to be easy rules to resolve the mass combat about to take place. I am going to adapt the rules and come up with something to download shortly. What say the readers of their experience?

Edited for grammar and spelling. I really should proof this stuff.

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