Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mass Combat

I just came into possession of some excellent rules for mass combat.

In a previous campaign with my Warhammer Fantasy Role Play group, a Waaagh! was nigh against Hermdorf in Talabecland. The campaign ended abruptly after a session with that was to set canon for an elven PC's introduction to the Empire at large.

I've long wanted to "play out the Waaagh!" and, with the rules, can now do so. With success, adapting for WFRP, I will share with everyone.

Anybody with their own mass combat rules already tailored for WFRP?

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Game Day Down, Yo

Our group planned to get together today has been busted up. As it is, the Arts set a block and we got sacked. All good. We're all adults, or adults trying to instill values in our younger players, so we will take it like men!

“Suck it up, and drive on” was a phrase I used on campus in college, a military one. And so we will. But not without conspiring.

As adults, we are often afforded time off. And so is born...

Hookey Day II

We already had Hookey Day I. Now, we have a second... with a second starts a tradition. With a tradition, an event! Even if that event is between us.

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