Thursday, 4 December 2008

Iron Hill Triple Bock

I removed the cork from the 12USD bottle of Iron Hill Triple Bock this evening.

Tasty. A 13.2% ABV, 31 IBU, dark porter worth the 12 bucks.

Most interesting was its nose and palette. It immediately harkened me back some 10 years to when I brewed my own beer. I never advanced to get the color right, but I got the body and taste to my satisfaction over and over again. This beer took me back immediately. I could smell it on the nose and taste it. Chocolate and coffee. Heavy roasted malts and sweet bite of hops.

Worth 12 bucks? Yes. Would I buy again? Can't tell. I need to see what a more commercial brewer does with their Triple Bock, e.g., Samuel Adams. But I would consider it as a special opportunity, like a good cigar.

Recommend? Yes. If you can get it, worth the glass!

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