Monday, 1 December 2008

December already?

Well, another year marked. Or close to it at least.

Pretty quiet on the front page of ACD and apologies to all. Seems something is always blocking, to borrow the software notion. Of late it has been a lot of $web2$ social widgets du jour. Like? Well, pick any three: twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forum X, forum Y, RSS feed Z.

Not to mention my own $web2$ efforts of a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play wiki and possible podcast. The latter actually had a demo, but family cut in and I never finished it. I do want to give the Small But Vicious Podcast a shout out though. William and Mark beat me to a finished product.

I enjoy the longer form of blogging over the short forms of twitter and Facebook (which is undeniably a great way to connect with old friends!). This is a new month and the cogs are greased anew.

I'm going to refresh the mixed topic mindset of ACD. Watch for a review of a local triple bock beer I just paid 12USD for 12 oz. And of course the occasional tech topic. But always a lot of WFRP.

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