Thursday, 25 September 2008

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Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are hacks. Probably a lot better than me, hell, I've never written anything, so by default they win.

As a teenager I really enjoyed the original trilogy of the Dragonlance Chronicles. As an adult, I'm finding it a slog to get through the last one.

The sad thing is that when I went to the well of the local public library to re-read the series, they came mismatched and disjointed. Volume One came as a graphic novel that I finished sitting on the crapper. Really.

How apropos as the library then sent Volume Three. Three weeks later I find myself thinking, Do I really want to finish this? Maybe I should, at least I don't have to read Volume Two. It'll be like turning to the last page.

The punch-line is that I somehow had remembered four books, one for each season. Indeed there were four and the library called to say they had Dragons of Summer Flame waiting for me. I picked it up, read the dust jacket and quickly realized that "Volume Four" was not part of the original series, but a “return to Krynn.” Ugh! What a soap-opera. I released it immediately.

Maybe my tastes have changed in the last twenty years. Or my standards are higher. Probably the latter. ~o)

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