Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Panzerblitz: Hill of Death box art release

After almost two years on a pre-order queue comes the promise of a December 2008 release. Panzerblitz: Hill of Death.

Not your father's Panzerblitz? How about not my Panzerblitz... :)

Panzerblitz:Hill of Death box art

The box art is very evocative of the legacy of Panzerblitz/Panzer Leader. I even like the color. Alas though it is not with critics. And at least one very valid criticism... the photo is a Photoshop'd very well known one from the Battle of the Bulge. British, yes. Period, late, but passable. Operation? Not even close.

British Tank Patrolling The Meuse At  Namur

But if finding a photo from the Battle of Hill 112 means delaying this game. I say, eh. So what.

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