Sunday, 7 September 2008

Evil Overlord Round Up

As I prepare to start my WFRP campaign again, I've been recruiting Evil Overlords.

Wow! I could not have gotten a better group! A couple of slots are still open, but because I believe there is a cyberstalker in my group, I'll keep "undercover" the exact details. Finding Warhammer Fantasy Role Play players was key though. I'm very impressed with the submissions to date. There are world mechanics in play that might have wars starting... the PCs won't stop anything. All PCs do is fuck up well laid plans of the GM... ;)

Of course I'm just kidding. It's fun to poke the PCs with sticks. Sharp swords, curses, and disease are good too.

Not familiar with the Evil Overlord faction system? Check out the seed idea at You Meet In A Tavern!

Posted by caffeinated at 10:02 PM in d10
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