Saturday, 9 August 2008

Inns of the Empire update

The problems with buttons and column headers leaking through the z-indexes in IE 7 and IE 6 are corrected. Finally.

Many apologies for the delay. Busy would not properly define my state of affairs. The orbits of the many things going on around me is entertaining on levels undefined, but to those that follow ACD, most damaging to this blog. And to the WFRP game I have been running.

The party has not meet for 4 weeks. Aside from my state of affairs, a key player just had a baby boy: Rutger Harrison... a great name BTW! His teenage son was a player too, so the party was down two PCs.

And thus play is on haitus.

I carved out some time to improve the Inns of the Empire tool. Some minor visual enhancements are included, but one problem in IE6 is still present: double display of Inn-cidents. Not precisely sure what is causing it, it doesn't behave that way in any other browser and the JavaScript is pretty precise about what to display.

I continue to do more than lurk and will be posting regular again very soon!

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