Friday, 4 July 2008

Coffee, Donuts, and JavaScript

The Fourth of July. A US holiday.

I'm having a donut, some coffee, and exercising some of my JavaScript acumen today sipping on some coffee. The YUI library docs at hand, the Stripes JAR on disk, webapp loaded, and thinking about bagels.

“Bagels? You're having a donut!,” one might query.

My job is such that I have to evaluate tools for improving existing applications. Some quiet time on a holiday let's me do just that. I'm building a bagel club prototype to demo some of the advanced features of the YUI, the Stripes MVC framework, JavaScript, and the DWR for talking to the backend.

Normally, I might devote the day to thinking about Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, the campaign, &tc. I'll do that tonight. I'll probably, finally, tackle that annoying IE 6/7 display bug in Inns of the Empire. Finally. ~o)

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