Monday, 23 June 2008

Old school flavors

Free RPG Day was Saturday.

I stopped into my FLGS, Days of Knights in Newark, DE, USA. Perused the table of free items. A brief conversation was started about various things and an offer to join a Paranoia game was made.

Unfortunately, I could not join the game, but I did chat for a bit. I admitted to being a hardcore one-sourcer for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. No shame in that. And picked up The Pig, the Witch and her Lover being offered, as well as a Paizo Gamemastery module (for the flavor and ideas, not so much for the play).

The conversation wandered here and there, and at some point the topic of 4E and Paizo's Pathfinder choices came up. I choose the side of Paizo, because I understood Paizo's end game, having listened to Eric Mona on the topic.

Pointing to two other free items on the table, Tunnels and Trolls and Castles and Crusades, I argued that T&T and C&C try to capture the old school flavors many a grognard misses in 2E, 3/3.5E and certainly in 4E.

This is where the conversation turned bizarre and I'm not sure if the counter arguments to my position were being made for argument sake, for ignorance, for personal prejudice, or because I stepped into a nerd dick measuring contest.

Two of them dismissed out of hand my argument that T&T and C&C were solid attempts to capture old school goodness. I almost wanted too ask them if they had cracked the covers of those titles. Now, I do know one of the gentleman is a Hackmaster advocate, registered and everything. So his argument is bunk. The other, I'd never seen before.

Then there was the guy that said, "4E would be difficult to code." (This had something to do with the conventional wisdom that 4E attempts to be WOW, the pen and paper game.) As if 1E would be any easier! My head was about to explode; not having a ruler, I decided this game/geek cred and dick waving was dumb and dismissed myself from the store.

I get into these things because I have a baby face. I routinely pass for 20-something, and in college towns get carded. It's easy for those not so blessed to see a "noob." And noobs can't know what the past was like, so noobs need to be told.

Well, this 40-something grognard will stick to his Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, knowing it is a better game than anything they are playing.

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