Monday, 16 June 2008

Inns of the Empire update

A couple of “bugs” for IE 6 have been fixed... well, one bug and one enhancement.

Inns of the Empire

The bug fixed was the PNG alpha transparency that was not transparent in IE6. This was addressed with the proprietary IE6 PNG alpha filter hack.

The enhancement was to add a tooltip for the "large, bold number" displayed next to the Number and Sizes of Rooms. This number is the vacancy multiplier. Grönberg defines this as:

“Results of 100+ indicate that the establishment is completely empty, which may serve as inspiration for an encounter (‘why is it empty?’). Conversely, results of less than 1 indicate a busy evening or even that the inn is ‘overbooked’ with guest being asked—even urged—to share rooms or sleep on the floor (or in the stable).”

A number of factors adjust this multiplier, from a base d100 “roll” performed on the backend, during inn creation.

I also styled the info icons with a help cursor to better callout that there was more information behind them.

There is still some work to be done with correcting the IE z-index positioning problem... knowing the problem is half the battle with IE.

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