Saturday, 14 June 2008

Inns of the Empire tool online

I just uploaded my Inns of the Empire tool for general use.

Inns of the Empire

The tool can be used to quickly generate names and characteristics for all kinds of hostels, coaching inns, taverns, clubs, and brothels in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

Inns of the Empire is dually inspired. First, by the Random Fantasy Business Names generator by Mike Hensley at The tool's functionality is based wholly on the work of Henrik Grönberg in Liber Fanatica, Vol. III. Credit is due to both individuals for the inspiration.

Additional credits go to the developers of the YUI. Inns of the Empire leverages the YUI library pretty heavily. And to Fonthead Design for the Black Beard font.

I tested the tool in the A Grade suite of browsers and did not find any major bugs, but do not hesitate to email me, or post a comment, with a defect that needs to be fixed. Be sure to tell me the browser and major version. The code is in my svn repos, so I can update and release fixes pretty quickly!

Again, major thanks to Henrik Grönberg for the imagination and completeness of his work for Liber Fanatica.

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