Thursday, 12 June 2008

Elves don't wear chain mail?

Lacking source books for races central to the Warhammer world, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play players many times turn to the Warhammer Fantasy Battle army books for background material.

Some see this as a ploy by Games Workshop, some see it as a lack of focus on the consumer of WFRP... whatever the reason, GW does have some good material for players that turn to the army books.

One of my players, whose PC has a background as an orphaned Shadow Elf, picked up the High Elf Army Book. Being a "min/max'r," "rules advocate," &tc. he gleaned the following sentence, immediately arguing that a gross contradiction existed in the Old World Armoury where a description, or discussion, of Elven chain mail was made.

I don't have my OWA handy, but I did borrow his Elven army book to see just what he was trying to say:

“The armour worn by High Elves is beautifully fashioned from tiny metal scales making it lightweight and flexible, allowing the wearer to maintain their natural swiftness and agility.”

This single sentence has led to the interpretation by my player that elves shun, to the exclusion of all other technology, any armor not “fashioned from tiny metal scales. ” He further cited the artistic renderings and models of all High Elf depictions by Games Workshop. “Never are elves shown in chain mail!,” he says.

I argue it is a untenable position to take that elves in the Warhammer canon shun chain mail. Instead take the position that High Elves fashion the most exquisite chain mail available. In game terms, of "best quality" and "very rare."

Besides the beautiful mind of a player that can cross reference books to make the mental jumps/connections/assumptions, what say you?

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