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Played some WFRP yesterday (Samstag). Good session. It picked up where we left off about 3 weeks ago; a session that was a tad bit wandering, without focus, and played with a tired GM and not at least a few exhausted-after-a-crazy-week players. Things in that previous session presented things like, the coaching inn named "Star's Buck."

That's right. I have canonized the inn at the end of the Nuln Road in the Reikwald, the first way point between Altdorf and Bogenhäfen…Star's Buck.

The player's have accepted a quest from an innkeeper in Weidmarkt, on the River Reik, that will take them to the Grey Mountains to return a Rune of Fortitude to a dwarven emissary to the garrison at Helmgart1; oh, and return to Weidmarkt with dwarven ales.

There were a couple of threads from the last campaign that needed development. The players (and their characters) have been exposed to the Skaven conspiracy in the Empire, fighting the Clan Moulder in an ancient, now lost, elven ruin. As part of an expeditionary force from the Church of Sigmar, they returned with their lives and 2 templars (of 12 that went with them, one of which was a conspirator himself). In the same session that established Star's Buck, was one of the surviving templar's delivering, by street urchin proxy on a crowded street, a small polished stone to the priest PC. This stone was revealed to be enchanted by the priest, but that was all.

The party ingratiated itself with a caravan merchant at the Star's Buck and was hired on as protection, serving under a Bretonian Knight Errant.

In this session I revealed the nature of the enchanted stone2. It imparted a message by dream to the Priest of Sigmar PC. Now, this is the funny part.

At the beginning of the session I handed the PC a sealed note with the instructions not to open before instructed. When the party stated they were turning in for the night, the PC was allowed to open the note. It read:

You have a dream:3

Gunthar, a templar from the expeditionary force to the ruins, stands over an altar of Verena with a Priestess. He appears exhausted, yet reverent.

Gunthar fights the Skaven at the ruins. The fighting is blurred with more Skaven and fighting in an alley…maybe a room…where ever it is it is dark and dirty. Teeth, fur, blades, blood. Then more fighting at the ruins.

Gunthar cuts another templar from a rope in a room. He is in tears. You're not sure you recognize the other templar. Maybe…but for the boar teeth and horns.

I allowed the player to read it and hold onto the note for a while. I don't recall him looking at it again, but when he decided to share the dream with the others I asked for the note to be returned. Laughing ensued as he recounted the dream:

One of the templars, I think the one at the bridge that gave me the stone, prayed with a priestess of Verena. Then he was fighting Skaven at the ruins. I think he killed another templar too.

I don't recall who said it, but the axiom “So, you had a dream and can't remember it,” was invoked.

I did allow the player a fortune point roll against his intelligence to remember a couple of important details, like the mutations and the rope. But left the rest of the interpretation to the players.

It was a good session all around, and the quest for beer continues.

How did you interpret the dream? Your comments welcome.

  1. [1] A quest for beer? Sorta, but it also dovetails nicely with the dwarf's career exit of Runebearer. I'm not running a dwarven forge campaign, so becoming a Runebearer needed some exposition.

  2. [2] A simple Verenan Lore enchantment of The Past Revealed, in reverse. It is not precisely the divine magic described in the core rulebook, and possibly Dream Message or Guiding Dream from the Lore of Morr was better suited, but such is my flying-by-the-seat of my pants GM'ing style. Now, I know better.

  3. [3] The fact that the PCs name is Martin should not go unnoticed.

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