Saturday, 10 May 2008

Robert Zubrin's Energy Victory

This is an important issue. It is not about code or gaming. It is decidedly political, but neither left or right. I want to spread the word that there are answers and solutions, and the West must act and throw the “black gold crack pipe” to the gutter.

Robert Zubrin may have found “the place where you tap the problem with a hammer and the whole thing falls apart.” The idea is decidedly capitalist and market driven, but convincingly simple. Robert Zubrin is the author of Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil.

Maybe this makes me a “green gamer.” But for certain it makes me an activist for real alternative fuel sources. Conservation is nice, e.g., CFBs, but it is not an energy policy. Conservation cannot change the “trump suit” in the energy game. Reduce use and you may reduce demand, but OPEC just reduces production and the price remains fixed. The economics are too elastic and favor OPEC, not a “Carter-esque conservation movement,” however noble or feel good it might be.

This is greater than a US problem. It is an international problem with real good guys and bad guys. I encourage you to read Energy Victory. At the very least listen to the podcast or watch the CSPAN presentation. Both are very encouraging, as the solution is at our doorstep.

Read the book

Buy Energy Victory at

Listen to the podcast

An enlightening interview that is a call to action with the author by Glenn Reynolds and Helen Smith at

See the author on BookTV

Robert Zubrin makes his case at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

Visit the website

Learn about the Hydrogen Hoax

The Hydrogen Hoax was architected by a former Bush staff member, and, now, paid lobbyist for the Saudi Arabian government (that should perk the eyebrows of those with BDS).

Learn how Kudzu can be a solution

There are enough crop residuals, not crops, to produce all the fuel needs of the U.S. And it is global warming neutral! Already I hear an undercurrent from those more left than me, denouncing yet another energy solution for a global warming concern or the environmental crisis du jour. Yesterday it was nuclear energy, today it’s oil, tomorrow it will be ethanol and methanol. While countries like Brazil gain energy independence and have cleaner, clearer air, the US will paralyze itself with indecision and inaction, and remain beholden to Mideast oil and OPEC members.

It is time, 34 years belated, our leaders step up to the plate and take bold action!

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