Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Comments down?

I hate finding out comments on ACD are down. Again. From another blogger. In his comments. On another blog. Argh.

This is me debugging them. Move along.

Posted by caffeinated at 8:02 PM in experimental madness


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Comment: joe.caffeinated at Tue, 15 Apr 9:08 PM

I got comments working again, but somehow broke the `moblog' ... at least that's what the logging is reporting.

Comment: joe.caffeinated at Tue, 15 Apr 9:11 PM

Pay attention grasshopper... another blog on the host is broken. Not this one. `moblog' is working. But I'm going to test that too..

Comment: Mike at Wed, 16 Apr 7:57 AM

testing... testing... 1,2,3...

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