Monday, 24 March 2008

YUI and the missing 25-50-25 grid

For a while now I have struggled with the lack of a "25%/50%/25%" grid template in the YUI. It seems like such a natural template, one might say it is ubiquitous on the web.

Alas, the developers of the YUI have conspicuously left it off. There is a hack out there that provides the said 25/50/25 template, but nothing official. There is only silence in the last minor releases since I began wondering about the absence.

Recently it dawned on me why it is absent, in the context of a larger design decision built into the YUI Grids: the IAB factor.

You will find templates specific to all the IAB standard ad sizes. You will find grids and nested grids that are built to accommodate the IAB ad sizes. In fact, one might argue that the absence of the 25/50/25 grid is because, for Yahoo!, such a template does not make sense in the context of what the IAB, and so many web advertisers, define as standard.

This actually goes to another criticism, tangental to YUI Grids, said about YSlow: "Yahoo!'s problems are not your problems."

True enough.

Yet I would counter and say, why should you consider the need for 25/50/25, or Yahoo! consider, given Google Ads and other click revenue options likely to be employed on the most personal or the most commercial website you can fathom? You should be building your sites with the IAB in mind.

Maybe Yahoo! is quietly prodding you, and me. By design.

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