Sunday, 9 December 2007

In Boston Seeking Postcards

I'll go peruse the lobby. Maybe get a bite to eat or something.

I want to get some postcards and send to my family. Snail-mail rocks in a way. Getting something in the mailbox is real, one can hold it, the sender has taken time to think about the receiver. A postcard today might mean a little more where the same words over the wire might not carry the same weight. Literally and figuratively.

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Boston, WDW and Blockbuster

I am leaving shortly for WDW in Boston.

Three days of web development nerdery. I plan too to play with my Parallels Fedora 8 install and such. Maybe a pickup game of Warhammer FRP (maybe not, no bites on my earlier post; though I’m bringing my MAGE).

And a stop at the Blockbuster on my way to the airport to pick up The Messenger. Not for the history, or the story, but for the mood.

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