Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Commenting problems?

A cyberstalking friend of mine told me today that he had been leaving comments, but wasn't seeing them

“Are you just deleting them?” he asked.

No, I didn't know about them.

Not sure what the problem is really. Spent some time debugging. I did learn that something about my template, or something about blojsom, might actually be at fault. From a user prespective I could report missing required fields I suppose, but I don't see built in facilities for that (double checking though). Yet I have received and approved recent comments, so I know that commenting works.

Could it be that my friend was not entering the SCode? In production, I turn down the logging, way down, only ERROR and FATAL. SCode only has a DEBUG level, and that is very noisy, so I didn't see anything in production. All said, something is happening. Just not sure yet.

Sad too. Some of the comments he reported were worthy of “immortalization” on ACD.

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