Sunday, 2 December 2007

Fedora 8

Fedora 8 is in my Downloads folder.

I haven’t really had to admin my Linux boxes of late. My production box has been humming along for almost a year without a restart on Fedora Core 6. Fedora 8 is not an option to move to on my production box, a VPS.

That last sentence is a bit misleading though. Bigger Linux nerds tell me I could move to FC 7 then Fedora 8 via yum. So a production move is not out, but it means bringing down production. I hate bringing down production.

Production worries aside, I love playing with Linux from a sysadmin view and as a code jock playing with n-tier web applications.

And with VM tech so cheap on the Mac, I could just install Fedora 8 to a VM and play, my brain, eyes and hands never needing to make a physical context switch.

Maybe more later... geek brain tires.

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