Saturday, 1 December 2007

Did they bleep Klinger's SSN?

I was just watching a rerun of M*A*S*H on TV Land. I believe it was Episode T-421, The Young and Restless.

Editor’s note:I’m not a M*A*S*H nerd, but I noted the episode because I thought it very odd, maybe even disturbing that a present day concern , such as identity theft, could reach back almost 30 years to retcon a sit-com! WTF?

The scene, just before the closing freeze frame is Col. Potter sitting with Cpl. Klinger, appearing to finally give into Klinger’s moronic Section 8 schemes, as he begins confirming personal details of Maxwell Q. Klinger. Potter asks for Klinger's “serial number” and Klinger rattles it off, in a practiced monotone, but it gets bleeped mid-statement! Not muted, but bleeped!

I would be very curious if some M*A*S*H aficionados could confirm that the original airing in 1979 went this far, whether the DVD goes this far, or it is just some TV Land artifact. Klinger is a fictional person, what is the concern? Maybe the SSN was real?

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