Friday, 28 December 2007

Quiet time

Overloaded with to many distractions here at ACD.

My podcast seed is underway. Notes made. Audio cut. Voiceovers needed for the first three episodes need to be laid down.

Work is insane.

My Warhammer tool is 85% done. It's that last 15% that is driving me mad.

Santa delivered books! A new William Gibson and Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.

I finished a book that Santa brought last Christmas last week as well! Thunderstruck by Erik Larson. Great historical non-fiction. Check out "Dr. Crippen" at Marconi Calling for a great summary of the story. I also decided it was high time I finished Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle.

I'll post more soon.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

braindump and a series idea, podcast seed

I’m becoming a better JavaScript’r over these last three days at WDW.

Why? I started working on a WFRP web tool, something simple, and as it got more feature rich, within the context of it’s simple beginnings, so this is not a story of scope creep, I knew exactly what the tool was going to do, but as the code tried to manage the random generation in a growing conditional tree—and no, this is not another chargen [YACG], or “NPC-helper”, but it does inherit from them—I felt the tool needed more object orientation. Where better to turn than Douglas Crockford’s Javascript. Not having Flanagan’s book handy, this has been great. Because JavaScript is not Java. And I’m a Java guy.

Okay, that tool is coming along now, and what about a series?

Well, I only brought one movie with me. No, not Messenger (I was late getting to the airport so I couldn’t stop). Lest I give the idea to someone else, I’ll keep it to myself, but it is role-playing game focused and I might turn it into my podcast anchor and seed as well. I did record my closing bumper with my daughter when she said something priceless...

“ the scary carnival music, Daddy!”

It was so good, I had her say it ten more times into a mic, knowing then that I was going to use it as a bumper.

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Sunday, 9 December 2007

In Boston Seeking Postcards

I'll go peruse the lobby. Maybe get a bite to eat or something.

I want to get some postcards and send to my family. Snail-mail rocks in a way. Getting something in the mailbox is real, one can hold it, the sender has taken time to think about the receiver. A postcard today might mean a little more where the same words over the wire might not carry the same weight. Literally and figuratively.

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Boston, WDW and Blockbuster

I am leaving shortly for WDW in Boston.

Three days of web development nerdery. I plan too to play with my Parallels Fedora 8 install and such. Maybe a pickup game of Warhammer FRP (maybe not, no bites on my earlier post; though I’m bringing my MAGE).

And a stop at the Blockbuster on my way to the airport to pick up The Messenger. Not for the history, or the story, but for the mood.

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Saturday, 8 December 2007

In which startup file do I put...?

This FAQ entry for zsh is probably the most helpful I’ve read in 2 years since switching to said shell.

I use ssh-add a lot, and occasionally, I might need to jump, securely, back to my local system via sftp or scp to get a file, I would get some error about “message too long” or some such thing and the process would die.

The error was because as I remoted back to my system ssh-add was executing in my .zshenv. By moving the agent code to .zprofile the agent still runs locally, just not as I jump back for some of the other remote tools that don’t swallow the output and bomb.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

WTF Dan? Did fantasy overtake reality?

I love Fear the Boot, a podcast about “table top gaming and a little bit more.” I listen to episodes on my commute to work. I eagerly await the next episode and #81 was no exception, Explaining RPGs To People That Don’t Game.

When the discussion takes a turn to talk about “blowback,” or how gaming got a “bad rep” in the 80s, Dan, the lead host, perpetuates the “steam tunnel incident” myth with: of the big things that set [gaming blowback] off , was there was this bunch of guys that went down into the sewers behind a university, and a guy got murdered, and they claimed, later, that, oh, this was because of role-playing...

WTF Dan? Your statement actually feels like you watched Mazes and Monsters, mixed it with a little bit of the story of James Dallas Egbert III and concocted a dramatic punch for the point you were making.

So Dan, what exactly was the point you were making? Because you fumbled it badly. I’m still listening, but someone needs to call you out for comment. Hopefully, your forums are alive with debate as well.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Commenting problems?

A cyberstalking friend of mine told me today that he had been leaving comments, but wasn't seeing them

“Are you just deleting them?” he asked.

No, I didn't know about them.

Not sure what the problem is really. Spent some time debugging. I did learn that something about my template, or something about blojsom, might actually be at fault. From a user prespective I could report missing required fields I suppose, but I don't see built in facilities for that (double checking though). Yet I have received and approved recent comments, so I know that commenting works.

Could it be that my friend was not entering the SCode? In production, I turn down the logging, way down, only ERROR and FATAL. SCode only has a DEBUG level, and that is very noisy, so I didn't see anything in production. All said, something is happening. Just not sure yet.

Sad too. Some of the comments he reported were worthy of “immortalization” on ACD.

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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Fedora 8

Fedora 8 is in my Downloads folder.

I haven’t really had to admin my Linux boxes of late. My production box has been humming along for almost a year without a restart on Fedora Core 6. Fedora 8 is not an option to move to on my production box, a VPS.

That last sentence is a bit misleading though. Bigger Linux nerds tell me I could move to FC 7 then Fedora 8 via yum. So a production move is not out, but it means bringing down production. I hate bringing down production.

Production worries aside, I love playing with Linux from a sysadmin view and as a code jock playing with n-tier web applications.

And with VM tech so cheap on the Mac, I could just install Fedora 8 to a VM and play, my brain, eyes and hands never needing to make a physical context switch.

Maybe more later... geek brain tires.

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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Did they bleep Klinger's SSN?

I was just watching a rerun of M*A*S*H on TV Land. I believe it was Episode T-421, The Young and Restless.

Editor’s note:I’m not a M*A*S*H nerd, but I noted the episode because I thought it very odd, maybe even disturbing that a present day concern , such as identity theft, could reach back almost 30 years to retcon a sit-com! WTF?

The scene, just before the closing freeze frame is Col. Potter sitting with Cpl. Klinger, appearing to finally give into Klinger’s moronic Section 8 schemes, as he begins confirming personal details of Maxwell Q. Klinger. Potter asks for Klinger's “serial number” and Klinger rattles it off, in a practiced monotone, but it gets bleeped mid-statement! Not muted, but bleeped!

I would be very curious if some M*A*S*H aficionados could confirm that the original airing in 1979 went this far, whether the DVD goes this far, or it is just some TV Land artifact. Klinger is a fictional person, what is the concern? Maybe the SSN was real?

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