Tuesday, 13 November 2007

RPGNow Giving It Away!

I just learned that RPGNow, a leading online retailer for independent RPG games and related material, is “giving it away,” all week long, Nov 12–Nov 16. Here’s the 411:

RPGNow and over 60 of our publishing partners are offering the dozens of FREE titles listed below for our very own ThanksGiveAway holiday, Monday, November 12 through Friday, November 16. Check the site after 10 AM EST each day to find exciting new gifts from us to you, and please email, blog and post to your gaming friends to let them know ThanksGiveAway week is here!

Here’s the link: Happy ThanksGiveAway! Go get you some! I got a classic, Twilight 2000. I coded my first BASIC chargen for TW2000. Sweet.

Spread the word, yo!

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