Saturday, 3 November 2007

Update YUI theme shortly

The heavy lifting complete, having worked out the major kinks between the logic of Velocity macros and rendering. Still trying to figure out why my comments are not showing up though.

The YUI layout provides a more consistent experience across so many platforms I couldn’t be happier. The dark and sinister feel didn’t play and it was hard to combine skulls and dice into the coffee theme, so they were dropped.

I’ll probably have the new theme up tomorrow, barring “chores.”

I do have to hack a few Java source files and recompile to get some of the enhancements to work, like better styles in footnotes (provided by the footnote plugin) and some more semantic Technorati tags (a Velocimacro change). Not sure if they need to be committed to the blojsom project, but I might anyway. At least the Technorati change needs to be.

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