Thursday, 25 October 2007

My campaign calendar

I have opted for the week of Sigmarzeit 18th. It was suggested by a member of the Black Library WFRP GM forums that the period of Sigmar’s Rising, a rare lunar month (30–33 years apart) when a constellation dedicated to Sigmar appeared) made a good fit. There is no question that it is a tempting slot for the Grand Conclave, with statements like: "...major events occur during this time, such as the building of huge public works, the rise of new Elector Counts..." and yet, it has too much of sterile feel. But one overarching reason held out against it, Sigmar's Rising was too affiliated with Azyr (the Lore of the Heavens aka the Celestial Order aka the Blue College of Magic); said another way, Sigmar's Rising is a "secular and scientific" outlook on events, whereas the Cult of Sigmar is a "faith-based organization."

The events around Sigmarzeit 18 really won the day: it's the first day of summer and many societies are celebrating, and then there is the annual Sigmar's Walk on the 15th. Great crowds are already gathering for the parade of flagellation on the 15th and sausages on the 18th. It is easy to see a grander backdrop of the Grand Conclave also taking place in Altdorf, providing a subtext to the many "commoner" events, i.e., "give them bread and games!"

And it ties in well to my campaign and events about to take shape around a Cult of Slaanesh.

If none of this made sense, then you are not playing WFRP.

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