Sunday, 21 October 2007

Adding in-world calendars to your game

As I work in story ideas for my next session of WFRP, I wanted to provide some backstory for reasons a High Priest of Sigmar would travel by boat to Altdorf.

Ah, the Grand Conclave. Held every five years in Altdorf. The first was held at the behast of Magnus the Pious. So… somebody please, tell me when was this first Grand Conclave held? I don’t care about the "world date." I just want to know the month and day on the Imperial Calendar. A calendar so richly detailed with honorifics and festival days, but no mention of any date honoring the first Grand Conclave.

If there is anything great about the Warhammer world is it is rich in established history. Yeah, some of it has been retconned over the years for commercial reasons of the publishers (no rants please from D&D peanut gallery, you are about to get a good dose of that by WotC and the 4th edition).

The reason I want this month and day is two-fold: 1) to establish a current world date for my campaign; 2) to establish a rough world date for the Empire in my post-Storm-of-Chaos version of the WFRP game. Maybe it is not “2522 IC” in my game, but 2523, or 2530. Whatever. But this knowledge is missing from 3 source books that go to great length and detail to talk of Sigmar, Magnus and the Storm of Chaos!

In both the former and the latter, I want to begin adding more world flavor offered by the rich details found in Tome of Salvation, a recent WFRP sourcebook on the cults found in the Empire. Things like festivals, religious observances, and cultural oddities.

Sure I could make it up. But then I get myself in a pinch when it is published and suddenly my world is out-of-sync again. I already have rivers flowing against the laws of nature, and I had to move the headquarters of the road wardens because I didn't read a detail in Sigmar's Heirs.

One might question the detail I just espoused about the WFRP world if this detail is missing. Maybe it is just assumed known to be found elsewhere, but where? Please tell me. Please?


My in-world year is 2523IC. A sidebar reference to the Grand Conclave is made in Sigmar’s Heirs:

These meetings, called “Grand Conclaves,” have served their purpose well so far, though now they are held in Altdorf. A conclave is scheduled for next year

The WFRP world is post-Storm of Chaos, a Chaos war fought in 2522IC. This war was a retcon event in the game that refreshed the commercialization of the Games Workshop product line and set the stage for WFRP 2nd Edition release as well.

A thank you to Ian Ward and the WFRP2 Index for helping me find this reference.

Now, month and day, month and day. Either the first one held (c. 2302IC), or the now observed date, in-world of course.

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