Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fear the Boot podcast

As I mudded the fire-taping in my garage, I listened to the collection of podcasts from Fear the Boot I downloaded:

  1. Episode 23 - common GMing mistakes
  2. Episode 42 - wounds, healing, and death
  3. Episode 57 - fog of war
  4. Episode 72 - RPG modules
  5. Episode 74 - campaign rules

All very good. I especially enjoyed the troupe member (I forget his name at the moment) that enjoyed old-school Shadowrun.

I took away at least one thing in 3 hours of listening to seasoned GMs: get player feedback on your own GMing.

But still more: I laughed at “undead frankenstein tongue-fingers,” I cringed at the imaginations of bad GMs, and I wished for an all-girl gaming group…ok, does such a thing really exist? I can’t get my wife to pay even a modicum of attention or to take the hobby seriously. Oh, and lastly, that Vin Diesel is long time player of D&D.

Kudos! to FTB for this production. It is a podcast standard to reach for.

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64bit, memory, and money

Here’s one for the readers: if Mac OS X Leopard finally exercises the 64bit features of the Intel Core 2 Duo, does that mean my MacBook Pro can effectively be expanded to use 1TB (terabyte) of RAM?


Let me translate that number: 1024GBs! For a MacBook Pro that’s two 512GB chips. Aside from “they don’t make those (yet),” 1024GBs is a lot of RAM. 4GB excited me. 1TB?! I can't describe the excitement or possibilities: multiple guest OSs... or the combinations of development platforms. Ah, such are geek wet dreams.

Sad really. It would so be expensive. 4GB, even 8GB, is attainable; 1TB needs an angel with money, ’cuz I ain’t got that kinda dough.

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