Friday, 19 October 2007

Geography 101 and the GM

In the last session of WFRP I ran I made a geography gaffe that had real implications in game play, but I could not retract before it was realized by the players, and was an embarrassment to me.

The PCs had stolen a barge from some possible tomb robbers in a lost elven (Elder) settlement on the River Reik. The idea of the players was to take a map to the settlement and the location of a “ warpstone prison” created by the long deceased builders into Altdorf.

I played the river scenes as though the PCs only had to guide the barge in the current to Altdorf, three days east of where they started. Oops.

The PCs would of had a much harder time of it if they were pushing the barge east against the current! If I only looked at the map a little closer I would have noted that rivers empty to seas. And the Reik empties at Marienburg and the Sea of Claws. Duh!

I tried to resolve this problem at the end, allowing the players a pass on the fatigue that they surely would be experiencing. We wrapped up with the players hitching a ride on a larger boat. This boat used sails against the current and I could leave the embarrassing moment behind me.

GM discussion

Martin of Treasure Tables discusses the very topic of retconning in a campaign because of a gaffe. Go take a look at Snap Decisions and Retconning for more.

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